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Well, fishing week came and went in a blur–the time always goes so fast!  It started with a bang on Saturday when Dave drove up separately and hit a turkey on his way up.  That car…it’s had so many issues!  The girls and I rode up later with Dave’s mom…it was wonderful to not have to wake up in the middle of the night to drive up!  We made it up to Frazee around suppertime, and to beat the heat, Dave and Abby went for a swim at Eagle Lake.  Abby wasn’t a fan of the slide they put in at the beach area, but loved the water!

Abby did lots of fishing throughout the week–more so than most years.  She even went along with Dave and his dad on some of their morning excursions.  Another favorite for her was taking walks with Grandma to the bridge while the rest of us were fishing in the afternoon or evening.  Grandma would push Norah in her stroller while Abby ran down the road.  Abby also became quite the photographer on these walks–she quickly learned how to turn on Grandma’s camera and take pictures–I’ll have to post some of her pictures in another post!

We ended up in urgent care on Monday with Norah–she was having some issues with coughing, vomiting, having a hard time catching her breath, etc.–scary, but she was fine by the time we got to the doctor, and everything checked out fine.  Glad we got her checked out, and even more glad she was okay!  We think she probably just caught Abby’s cold.  Dave ended up back at urgent care on Tuesday–same nurse, same doctor…he had been fishing with his uncle and got a hook stuck in his finger.  I think it was as painful as it sounds, but he survived…

Dave’s dad caught the largest fish of the trip by far–over 12 1/2 pounds!

After a quick week, we had to pack up on Friday.  Other than sitting in accident-related traffic for an hour and a half (we went 4 miles in that time…) and extending our 4 hour trip home to 6 hours, it was a pretty uneventful ride home.  We were happy to be in our own beds Friday night!

Iowa visit

We took a quick trip to Iowa with my mom this week to visit my grandmas.  We had fun staying at the farm with my Grandma Carlson, and spent a late morning/lunch with my Grandma Nass.  Abby loved visiting the Story City carousel with my grandma, aunt, and cousin, but thought that two rides was just not enough!

Another bonus was a pizza supper with any relatives that happened to be around–most aunts and uncles were there, and several cousins.  My cousin Megan came to visit, bringing her baby boy, Trice (4 months old).  It was fun laying Trice and Norah next to each other to see how they would interact.

Abby took awhile to warm up to the big group, but took quite a liking to my uncles.  Before we headed for home, she took a ride with Uncle Dave around the farm–even to the “stinky piggies”, according to Abby.

In sleeping news, I decided to try just popping the pacifier in when Norah woke up at night while in Iowa–I had to do it a few times each night, but was able to hold her off to eat until 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning…that seemed to help a little bit, because she finally had a good stretch of sleep from 10 p.m.-5 a.m. last night!  (Didn’t even need to replace the pacifier!)  7 hours of sleep was very refreshing!


Thanks to monetary gifts from various family members and the hard-working efforts of Dave and two of our friends, we were able to put up a wooden swing set in the backyard this weekend.  Dave and our friend Ben worked for about 8 hours yesterday, and Jake joined them later in the afternoon–between the three of them, they made great progress and finished up the majority.  Dave worked for several more hours today, and Abby was able to enjoy the nice, cool evening playing on her new swing set.  While the guys worked hard putting the swing set together, I do have to say that the ladies worked hard entertaining all of the kiddos for such a long time–with no naps and the kids up until 9!  Abby loves her new swing set!

3 Months Old

Now that June is here, Norah is 3 months old and my maternity leave is officially half over…it’s amazing how much faster time is flying this time around.  We’ve got a lot of fun to cram into the next 3 months!  At 3 months, Norah has become a really easy-going, sweet, and fairly predictable baby.  She usually only complains when she is hungry, tired, or if someone is trying to cradle her like a baby when it’s not bedtime.  Her latest love is her fists–they are constantly in her mouth, getting a break only when she’s sleeping and has her pacifier.  Lately, she’s been grabbing her shirt/clothes so she can try to stick those in her mouth, too.  She’s also been sticking out her tongue in the last week or so.  She’s a busy girl, always on the move.  She’s on the verge of rolling from her back to her tummy, but can’t quite get farther than resting on her side yet.  Her feet and arms are always on the go, which makes trying to change her diaper or clothes interesting.  Sleepwise, she’s been napping pretty well–not for very long amounts of time, but about 4 naps a day.  She fusses a little, which is her tired signal, then falls asleep even if we put her down awake (so unlike Abby at this age).  Night is another story…she’s still waking up to eat twice a night, once if we’re really lucky…  She’s a more restless sleeper at night, so we find that we have to replace her pacifier a few times a night, too.  Hopefully as she gets bigger we’ll all get some more sleep at night!  We did move her to her crib in her room last week, which seems to be making things a little better.  Here is our little peanut at 3 months old (weighing in at 10 pounds, 6 ounces):

Fort Snelling

After two Memorial weekend get-togethers–one with Dave’s family and another with camp friends–it was nice to have a completely free Monday.  No plans, Dave off of work, and beautiful weather.  We decided to cross another state park off of our list and help Abby earn her first patch for visiting 8 parks, so we packed up water bottles and a picnic lunch and headed to nearby Fort Snelling State Park.  It’s a bit strange hiking along the river, through the woods, and hearing traffic and airplanes overhead, but once you get past that, it’s a beautiful park.  


We decided to do one of the loops when we first got there, and were going to hike farther when Abby decided she needed to go to the bathroom.  Her first peeing in the woods experience did not go so well…she needs some practice and we need to remember to pack extra clothes on future trips…but we managed, and unfortunately, Abby had to go commando for the rest of the trip.  That shortened our first hike, but we did enjoy a nice picnic lunch by the lake.  The park has a beautiful picnic area right by the beach/lake.  After lunch, Abby and Dave went down to the lake to do an interpretive program having to do with insects in the water.  Abby scooped up some lake water and used a net to get some insects, then got to view them with magnifying glasses.  She thought that was pretty neat.


For the afternoon, we checked out the interpretive center/gift shop, then took another hike–this time, up to the fort.  Abby loved seeing the people dressed up in character, getting to step inside some of the buildings, looking around the house that the Snellings lived in, and seeing some demonstrations being put on.  We’ll definitely have to go back for another visit someday.


Ever since warm weather in March, Abby has been talking about and planning a “summer party” as she calls it–Fort Snelling State Park would be the perfect backdrop–great picnicking, a swimming beach, and hiking.  We’ll be visiting again!


Abby had her last ECFE class last night–definitely bittersweet after four wonderful years of classes.  I remember taking Abby for the first time–we dropped in on a class the spring she was born.  I think she cried the whole time, and I was embarrassed and nervous, being the brand-new parent that I was.  We signed up for classes that fall, and since then, have had an amazing time bonding, learning new things, and meeting some amazing friends.  Abby has especially loved her last two years of ECFE, where she’s had a wonderful teacher, Miss Britt.  She’s also enjoyed working with Pam, the class’s para, and Mary, the parent ed. teacher.

Last night was a “beach party” themed class, so Abby got to dress for the beach and bring her towel to sit on at circle time.  She had fun doing “beachy” activities, and enjoyed playing with water balloons and on the playground outside for the last part.

Not only has Abby made some great friends in her classes, but we have as well.  A fun thing about this particular group of families, was that 7 of the families either had their second baby or are expecting their second, so we could definitely relate to each other.  Here is a photo of just a few of the older kiddos with their siblings (Jackson/Caden, Abby/Norah, and Anna/Ellen):

And Abby with a couple of her friends (Alex and Jackson):

We’ll definitely miss our Monday night routine, but look forward to experiencing ECFE all over again with Norah!


This weekend, Abby performed in her first-ever dance recital.  While the dress rehearsal last weekend was overwhelming, everything went seamlessly for the recital.  Abby enjoyed sitting and playing with her buddies in the hallway of the high school during performances, and especially heading upstairs to the high school cafeteria for snacks after each performance.  She and her group did a ballet dance to “Call me a Princess” and a tap dance to “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”.  They were definitely very cute and did a great job!  I was so proud of Abby for doing her best and being brave onstage–no stage fright yet for Miss Abby! She was bummed after Saturday’s performance when she heard that there were no more performances that she’d be a part of.  She and her friends worked hard every Saturday morning this school year, and it was fun to see how it all paid off in the end!


2 month stats

Norah’s visit to the doctor went well on Wednesday, though it took her awhile to recover from her four shots.  😦  Everything looked good, and she weighed in at 9 pounds, 14 ounces (25th percentile) and was 22 1/2 inches long (50th percentile).  Her head is now in the 25th percentile instead of the 5th, so I guess that means she’s evening out.  🙂  Our little peanut has gained 2 1/2 pounds and grown 4 1/4 inches since birth–she’s growing like a weed!


Last night was just perfect outside, so we took advantage and loaded everyone up for a hike at Sakatah State Park.  Norah enjoyed the Baby Bjorn, and slept for most of the hike.  Dave pushed Abby in the jogging stroller for most of the hike, except for when the trail was too narrow and we had to bushwhack our way to the road.  Perfect temps, cool breeze, and serene surroundings…  It’s park #7 on our state park passport–one more and we get a patch.  Dave’s goal is to have us make it to all of the state parks before Abby graduates high school…about 4 a year.  We’d better get cracking!